Monday, September 11, 2017

I Remember; I'll Never Forget

Tim A. Michael

I remember that day like few others; it was a blue cloudless sky.

I remember driving to work on this beautiful morning.

I remember stopping and grabbing breakfast to-go –
eggs, bacon and crispy hash browns from the Dixie Café.

I remember plans to leave mid-morning to meet my wife at Cooks Children’s Hospital for Katie’s check up.

I remember the day was much like any other at the cube farm until...
rumblings and news that a plane flew into one of the Twin Towers.

I remember gasps and disbelief that it was a passenger jet. Then a 2nd into the other Tower. The Pentagon. A 4th Passenger Jet in a Pennsylvania field.

Terrorism. Dear God.

I remember leaving work and heading to Cooks Children's Medical Center for the appointment and tuning in to WBAP 820 talk radio.

I remember the news soon came that the South Tower (2nd hit) crumbled to the ground.

I remember it was difficult finding a parking spot when I arrived at the hospital.

I remember I ran to the doctor's office waiting room.

I’ll never forget watching the North Tower crumble as we stood in the waiting room.

I’ll never forget the surreal feeling as history unfolded before our eyes like a tragic movie with no happy ending.

I’ll never forget the anger and anguish.

I’ll never forget the loss and despair as the reality of hundreds and maybe thousands were dying in front of my eyes.

I’ll never forget the horror of that day and just wanting all of my family to be together in one place – safe.

I’ll never forget returning to work adjacent to Carswell JRB and seeing our security guards armed with ARs.

Force Protection Charlie.

I’ll never forget the new normal.

I’ll never forget the anxiety at work and people just wanting to leave to go home and be with their loved ones.

I’ll never forget the planeless skies for the next few days in a place that was normally filled with them.

I’ll never forget the darkness of that bright sunny day.

I’ll never forget...I remember!


I remember who did it and why.

I remember who stood up, and who stood by.

I remember who rose up and who shrank back.

I remember; I’ll never forget.