Sunday, June 1, 2008

Anatomy of a Song

You who dwell in the gardens with friends in attendance, let me hear your voice! Song of Songs 8:13

Most of you that know me know I love to write song lyrics. I am a verbose individual with much to say. That is why I started this blog. However, sometimes it seems I suffer from "Hometown Syndrome." A prophet is not accepted in his "home town." Why is that?

It's pretty simple - people in close proximity see your warts and moles and want to know why the heck someone so flawed has the audacity to "instruct" or speak into the lives others. Speck and plank come to mind. Who is without sin that they should ever do this? Preachers, politicians, and people of all stripes find themselves in this quandary. On his best day, Billy Graham still had a sinful nature that need the attention of the Holy Spirit. I suspect there were days he fell woefully short.

In my quest to communicate the message(s) I feel the Lord would have me share, I start with communion with Him. Lately He has had me in the Song of Solomon. Wow. What a beautiful love story. How awesome it is to be pursued by the Bridegroom in such a way that I blush at His insistence of my beauty.

The description of Him coming to His bride in the middle of the night and knocking on the door, even to the point of breaking and entering (thrust his hand through the latch opening 5:4) is a picture of a lovesick husband longing to be intimate with the one He adores. How awful to be that man without the reciprocal response?

His bride sleeps yet her heart was awake. By the time she rose from her slumber He was gone. She frantically searches for Him throwing all caution to the wind to the point of being beaten by the night watchmen. Still she searches until she finds Him in the garden - the place of rest, of beauty, of communion.

They exchange tender mercies as only captivated lovers can do. His pursuit paid off in the love they share together which transforms to a life shared together. This is where so many relationships stumble. Taking that passion of pursuit and applying it to the daily grind.

This is true in the natural and the spiritual. In the natural, life has a way of beating us up and taking a toll on our passion. We find ourselves just wanting to withdraw to a place of solitude and selfishness if only for a season. I am there. I have been beaten up spiritually by the watchmen of the walls and I just want to lick my wounds. I find that I am angry at them, those that stand with them, and those who don't oppose them. Their damnable "damage control" has damaged me.

I fight the fire hose of bitterness that would extinguish the passionate pursuit of my King. I am saddened by those who know truth yet find a way to capitulate to compromise. They don't like what I say because it holds them accountable. They think it selfish of me to require their response so their silence speaks volumes of their accomplice to sin. They again cry "judge not!" while judging my words and motivations. The irony is rich. They ask "who are you?" Maybe I'm a hometown prophet. Maybe just a guy who cares too much about wolves and sheep.

I have many friends who have been beaten up by the so-called watchmen, yet I am challenged by their response of grace. I vacillate between the desire to rebuke and the need to sing. I will sing. I will sing a song of renewal and hope. I will sing a song of desperation and forgiveness. I will sing a song that demands of me my response to Him - my brother and my friend forever - the Prince of Peace. I want that love-sick passion fanned back into flame - today - right now.

May fire fall down again on the soul of this one who loves passionately, speaks freely, and mourns openly. May the rain of the Holy Spirit reign in my heart as I search for Him in the garden - that place of rest, of beauty, of communion. I journey on. I sing.

My Heart Seeks (REV A.)
Tim Michael 6/1/2008

When darkness falls,
when the sun shines,
I sing to you
forever mine.

In fields of green
where rivers flow
I declare my love
always you know

That I love you
and I need you
I will pursue you
to renew – me.

My hearts seeks to
commune with you

forever Jesus
will follow You.

When I fall down
like pouring rain
I look to you
to heal my pain

When trouble finds
me once again
I cry to you
forgive my sin

And I know you will
make my heart still
You carry me
so I can see

That I love you
and I need you
I will pursue you
to renew – me.

My hearts seeks to
commune with you

forever Jesus I…
will follow You.

(sing out/resolve)

I will follow after you.
Like pouring rain
Wash away my pain,
Renew me here

once again.
I run to You
My heart renewed
Fears melt away
In your Presence I will stay,
and follow after you.
forever Jesus I…
will follow after You.

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